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Our dental team at George Sferra Dental in Upper East Side provide a wide range of services to benefit your oral health. We specialize in orthodontic care for our patients in the New York area. What is involved in orthodontic care and what specific orthodontic services do we offer? Continue reading to learn more about our services.


Orthodontics involves diagnosing, preventing, and treating issues involved with the jaw, face, and bite. They are a practical and effective way to improve the look and function of an individual’s teeth. A wide range of issues can be treated through the use of orthodontics including overcrowding, overbite or underbite, and aesthetic problems. Your orthodontist will provide you with a series of x-rays and bite impressions. After they provide you with a diagnosis, your orthodontist will go through an in-depth and customized treatment plan for your smile. This may involve the use of fixed orthodontic braces, removable braces, and Invisalign treatment. Contact our dental clinic in Upper East Side for more help and a consultation to see how our dental staff can help you. Braces can benefit a wide range of people including adults and children. Traditional wire braces work the best after all the adult teeth emerge and the child’s facial structure is still developing. Fixed braces, headgear, and, retainers all can be used as appliances for orthodontics in children.

What are the benefits of orthodontics?

Orthodontics help to align a row of teeth which, in turn, prevents future disorders and disease. It also reduces tooth decay, tooth injury, periodontal disease, and digestive disorders. For more information regarding orthodontic services in Upper East Side, contact our dental clinic. Call our staff today to schedule your next appointment or first consultation!