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Porcelain Veneers


Are you looking for an effective and easy way to improve your smile? Your dentist at George Sferra Dental in In Upper East Side may recommend dental veneers for your teeth. They are easily applied to each individual tooth and improve a wide variety of dental issues. If you think you could benefit from dental veneers, we encourage you to continue reading on.

Dental Veneers in In Upper East Side

Dental veneers are made up of a thin porcelain material. They are customized with shape, size, and color to each individual tooth. Dental veneers help to improve a wide range of functions for an individual’s smile and are used for several reasons including crooked and misshapen teeth, discolored or yellow teeth, improve the size of a tooth, fix large gaps between teeth, worn or chipped teeth, or to improve the cosmetic appearance of the smile.

How is it done?

Getting a dental veneer placed my take a couple of visits to our dental clinic. Your dentist or hygienist will begin by properly cleaning and buffing the affected tooth/teeth. They will also shape the enamel to better prepare for the dental veneer. A mold of your teeth will then be provided and together with the help of your dentist, you will choose a shade of color for your new dental veneer. During your next visit to our clinic, the dentist will prepare the tooth for a secure bond. A bond will be placed between your tooth and the bond and then hardened with the use of a light.

Carefully following the instructions given to you by your dentist after your placement will allow your dental veneers to benefit you for a long period of time. Contact our dental clinic today for more information regarding dental veneers for your smile.