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Composite Fillings


Our dental staff at George Sferra Dental in In Upper East Side provide a wide range of dental services to protect your teeth, including dental fillings. We offer composite or tooth-colored fillings for the benefit of our patients. This is an important way of removing decay and harmful bacteria from your teeth. It also helps to further protect your smile from the spread of decay. If you are in need of a composite filling in the New York area, then contact our dental clinic today for more help.

Composite Fillings in In Upper East Side

Unfortunately, we can’t always avoid cavities from forming in our teeth. This is why composite fillings are so beneficial. They also help to restore chipped or cracked teeth, worn teeth, and help to close the space between two teeth when needed. Composite fillings are not permanent and may need to be replaced eventually, but with proper care, they can protect your teeth for many years. They are the most popular method for a filling because they are tooth colored and are almost unnoticeable.

How are tooth-colored fillings placed?

Your dentist can easily place a filling in just one visit to our clinic. They will begin by numbing the area and removing decay if needed. The affected area will be properly cleaned in preparation for the composite filling. Your dentist will then carefully apply the filling and shape it to your individual tooth. Our experienced dental staff can quickly and effectively complete this procedure. You may feel slight sensitivity in your tooth for a while, but this will soon go away. Follow all the instructions provided to you by your dentist for after your procedure.

If you are interested in a composite filling with our dentist, then contact our clinic for more information.