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Tooth Extractions


Tooth extractions are a common procedure done by our dental team in the Upper East Side and New York area. Our team strives to provide patients with high quality and safe care. Innovations have allowed our dental staff to perform pain-free procedures including tooth extractions. What is involved with a tooth extraction and how are the completed? We encourage you to continue reading on to learn more.

Tooth Extractions

When does a tooth need to be removed? We provide tooth extractions because they supply you with a wide range of benefits. Wisdom teeth extractions are one of the most common extractions. This can become necessary for individuals at different stages, but our dentist often recommends extraction before impaction. Removing the tooth helps to better avoid infection and bad consequences to the surrounding teeth. It can also prevent overcrowding in the row of teeth and avoid possible procedures in the future. When left untreated, cysts can form and leave an individual with pain. If a tooth is severely damaged or affecting surrounding teeth, then your dentist may also recommend a tooth extraction to better protect your smile. Your dentist may also suggest an extraction for any other number of reasons. An extraction can typically be completed in just one visit to our clinic. They will provide you with a series of x-rays to better see the affected area. Your dentist will supply you with the proper anesthetics to avoid pain and discomfort and possibly medication for after your procedure. Contact our dental team to see if this procedure is an option for your smile.

If you think you could benefit from a tooth extraction, then contact our New York dental clinic. Call us today for more information regarding tooth extractions and our procedures.