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Bone Grafting


Our experienced dental team at George Sferra Dental provide a wide range of advanced procedures, including bone grafting. Has your dentist recommended a bone graft in In Upper East Side for your mouth? You may be wondering what is involved in a bone graft and how it can benefit your overall mouth. For more information regarding bone grafting in New York, NY, continue reading on.

Bone Grafting in New York

When is bone grafting needed? The size of an individual’s jawbone can directly affect their restoration procedure. If you are in need of an implant or bridge, your dentist will examine the quality of your jawbone. This is needed in order to ensure a stable foundation for your new bridge or dental implant. Periodontal disease, tooth extraction, injuries, and infection can affect the volume of an individual’s jawbone. Bone grafting can also help to preserve the bone after a procedure or disease.

How is it done?

Your dentist will begin by thoroughly examining the affected area. They may request a series of x-rays or a CAT scan on certain occasions. All of this is to help determine the size and quality of the jawbone. They may also provide you with an anesthetic and look further into the affected gum area. Our dental clinic provides three different types of bone grafts. An autogenous bone graft is taken from an individual’s own bone and is typically our preferred method. An allograft bone graft uses a cadaver or synthetic bone. Finally, a xenograft uses cow bone as a graft. The new bone will eventually fuse to your jawbone and leave you with a strong foundation for your restoration.

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