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Oral Cancer Screening


An individual’s oral health is directly related to their overall health. Our dental team provides a wide range of dental services to protect, diagnose, and treat oral health issues. They stress the importance of regular oral cancer screening for all our patients during their dental examinations. What is involved in an oral cancer screening and how can this benefit you and your smile?

About Oral Cancer Screening
Regular dental cleanings and exams with our New York dental team are a vital way of protecting your smile. It allows our dentist time to get to know your health and unique needs, as well as provide you with a thorough oral cancer screening. Regularly visiting our clinic also lets your dentist notice any important changes that may occur with your teeth, mouth, or gums. We also encourage educating our patients on what to look out for involving oral cancer signs. Looking out for issues such as the following will help to better protect your health:

Increases pain, numbness, or tenderness
Red or white patches
A change in the bite of the teeth
A sore or irritation
Difficulty biting, speaking, chewing, or moving the jaw
Contact our dental office in NYC right away to set up a dental exam if you notice any of these signs in your mouth as it may be a symptom of oral cancer. George Sferra Dental uses a wide range of technology to better protect our patients and diagnose illness early on. Our dental team recommends dental exams at least twice a year in order to keep your smile healthy and bright!

For more information on oral cancer screenings or symptoms, call our New York office. Contact us today to schedule your biannual dental exam and cleaning!